Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a vehicle on CarBreezy?

CarBreezy makes it easy to buy a car online, but like all new experiences, it might be a little tricky at first. So here is a rundown of how it works.

  • Start by creating an account in the Finance tab. This allows you to view accurate rates and monthly payments for each vehicle in the search results. Once you have found your dream car at your dream rate, add it to your cart. This is where you will have the opportunity to add all kinds of goodies like GAP insurance, protection plans, and more. Next, we will have to verify your identity. A link will be emailed to you to take photos of your driver's license, your insurance card, and a quick selfie, so we can see that you are the same person as your license photo (we delete it right away!). Then all you have to do is sign your contract and wait for a CarBreezy representative to call to set up your vehicle delivery!
  • If you have any more questions, see the FAQ below, or email us at!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Every vehicle that we sell comes protected by a lifetime powertrain warranty, with 10 years of roadside assistance, and a 7-day 250 mile return policy.
Buying on CarBreezy is so easy. Simply click "Search Vehicles" to find that perfect vehicle. Create an account using your name, date of birth, zip code, and email address, then our super-duper innovative technology will show you cars that best fit your budget. Once you have chosen 'the one' you can click “Add to Cart". Choose whether you would like to add our Warranty Protection or other extra products. Next, fill out the credit application, upload all required documents, sign the contract, and you are on to pure car ownership bliss!
You will receive a follow-up email with a confirmation of your delivery date and time.
CarBreezy offers free delivery for customers up to 50 miles from the vehicle location. We will only deliver a vehicle up to 150 miles from the vehicle’s current location. The first 50 miles of your delivery are free of charge, after 50 miles we charge a delivery rate of $2 per mile. We currently do not deliver into Canada. If you have any more questions or need a vehicle delivered outside of the 150 mile delivery radius, please email us at or give us a call at (253) 289-5242.
Sale pending means another shopper has started the checkout process on that vehicle, but don’t fret! We have over 700 vehicles in stock, more than enough to have another perfect vehicle for you.
A co-buyer can be added to your vehicle purchase during the credit application portion of the checkout process.
CarBreezy wants you to be completely satisfied. Sometimes a vehicle is delivered and is not what you expected. Our return policy is here to help with unforeseen surprises when a vehicle is not as described. We will process a return under the following circumstances: 

• The vehicle has been driven less than 250 miles from the recorded mileage when it was delivered.

• The return must be completed within 7 days of vehicle delivery. 

• No damage to the interior or exterior occurred after delivery to you, including new smells (e.g. smoking, pets). 

• Please email or call (253) 289-5242 to initiate the return process; a confirmation email will be sent back. 

• Not all fees and costs are refundable: Your purchase price, sales tax, licensing fees, and all products purchased are refundable. The delivery fee is non-refundable.
The return process was not completed within 7 days of delivery. The vehicle has been driven over 250 miles. The vehicle has been damaged or has new smells (e.g. smoking, pets). We will collect within the 7 day window, and the vehicle needs to be accessible and available.  You must ensure you are available and schedule your pick-up (or drop-off) prior to the 7 day window. Note: Returns should be picked up from the same location to which they were delivered or coordinated for drop-off at a CarBreezy authorized facility.
We will need the most recent pay stub from your former employer, the most recent paystub from your current employer, as well as a job letter from current employer.
If you are having an issue uploading your documents please contact us at (253) 289-5242 or
3 months of bank statements and Schedule C tax returns would be required.
Down Payment is due at the time of purchase. You can add the down payment amount during the checkout process.
Yes, a credit card can be used for your down payment of up to $5,000.
Yes, you can choose your down payment amount during checkout.
We work with many types of credit and budgets and want to make sure you get the best service. Please contact our team at
You are routed to KBB ICO, a trade-in valuation tool, to enter your vehicle details and obtain a value. The KBB ICO provides a firm offer presuming an accurate description of the vehicle. You can then use the equity value as part payment for a new vehicle. The physical trade-in will take place at the point of delivery. The Carbreezy delivery agent will verify the trade-in vehicle matches the condition provided in the KBB ICO process.
Yes, you can trade in up to 2 vehicles with your purchase. If you have more than 2 vehicles please contact us via chat prior to check-out.
Yes. Carbreezy will accept your vehicle if the odometer is in working condition, and we are able to safely perform a test drive. Also, must legally belong to you!
Trade-in vehicles with current liens will be paid off once the sale is completed and after your 7-Day return.
No, this is a 100% online car buying experience! The only time you will have interaction with our team is if you want to reach out with questions or during delivery.
Yes, currently we do not have delivery fees in Pierce, Kitsap, and Thurston Counties.
It should not take long at all! We will need to go over the documents and your trade-in, then you will be good to go.
You would need to be available to sign documents and take delivery of your new vehicle. An in-person signature is required by the State of Washington.
All deliveries are scheduled to be delivered within a 72-hour timeframe. If you are interested in an earlier time pick-up may be possible. Contact for pick up.
You will receive an email confirmation of your delivery time and date once you have finalized checkout.
CarBreezy is proud to call the Pacific Northwest home. We are powered by Titus-Will Automotive Group, with locations in Tacoma, Parkland, Lakewood, and Olympia. We offer at-home delivery to all of Western Washington. Ready to get started? Click here --->